5 Unique Wooden Wall Ideas

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Architecture on Jul 4th, 2016

Wooden walls are a great way to add some warm and spiritual depth to any room or backdrop in the house. In a bedroom, behind the bed, as an accent wall in the living or dining room—virtually anywhere in the house that requires a touch of the earthy and the rustic will do well with a wooden wall. If you are new to the concept, or are thinking about adding another one to your home, below are five unique wooden wall ideas to get you started.

5 Unique Wood Wall Ideas

Repurposed, unfinished wood. Old boards are a great way to show off the variations and idiosyncrasies in unfinished wood. They are great at emphasizing horizontal, or vertical lines and the knots and seams add a depth of character that finished, polished wood simply can’t.

Fire wood. A wall of natural wood is a fantastic way to connect the interior to the exterior using natural, raw materials. Fill in the spaces between the logs with some insulation and concrete and you can imbue any room in the house with a rustic cabin feel.

Stained planks. Planks are great because they still look sleek and modern, which is important if that is the overall theme of your home. They are brilliant at indicating a space in your home is more casual, add warmth to empty space and make a boring or plain room more interesting.

Repurposed, painted wood. Focal walls using painted, unfinished wood add a great maritime flair to a bathroom. It is easy to convey a sense of the haphazard using this type of wood, while secretly having planned the theme and the atmosphere down to the last detail.

Bedroom accent wall. Wood panelling, whether finished or unfinished, is a terrific way to bring warm and comfort to a bedroom, especially when placed behind the bed. Bedrooms can start to feel sterile if they contain nothing in the way of organic material. A wood accent wall is a great way to ensure that your bedroom doesn’t start to feel to postmodern.

Just because we live in the 21st century, doesn’t mean that wood walls have become obsolete. Human beings will always have a strong connection to wood and even among the most contemporary design sensibilities there is a place for the natural beauty of both finished and unfinished wood. Keep the above five wooden wall ideas in mind when planning your next home or business renovation project.