How To Give Your Old Furniture A Fresh Look

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Architecture on Jul 4th, 2015

Old furniture can be transformed into stunning new pieces, even if you’re not a creative genius.

If you’re a whiz at being creative or you’re just wanting to give it a go, you can turn an old piece of furniture into your own masterpiece using fun paint techniques like stencilling, faux finish, or a design with painter’s tape.

How To Get The Most Out Of New Furniture

Doing things like adding new drawer knobs, creating built-in storage areas, and even building new headboards will get you started and help you gain the confidence for bigger projects. You can go all out and create something truly reflective of your personal style and do it on a budget.


Tired furniture gets a new boost with stencils. For example, if you’re stenciling a small stool, take the stencil and tape it where you want it on the first half of the stool (with painter’s tape). Next, dip your roller in paint and paint over the the part covered by the stencil. While the paint is still wet, remove the tape and the stencil. Do the same on the other side and voila- You have a fab refab stool.

Paint it a cheerful colour

Be bold! Be brave! It’s paint and is changeable.If you don’t like your lime green table, you can just repaint it. But, you might actually love that burst of colour. Painting furniture is inexpensive and easy. Bold colours like neon pink or vibrant orange may be fun to try.

Distress it

To distress furniture, sand parts where the paint would wear off with time (raised areas, corners, by the handles, etc). Use fine grit sandpaper for a lighter touch. Grittier sandpaper will take more paint off. Using an orbital sander will distress the heck out if it.

Add fine textured wallpaper

Fine wallpaper will add a touch of elegance and panache to furniture. You can purchase textured (paintable) wallpaper any place that carries home décor supplies. It’s easy to do- Just use a waterbased sealer glue finish like mod podge, paint it to match, and caulk the edges.

Add something unexpected

Add something new and cool! For instance, use scrapbook paper to give a wooden chair seat a glitzy look. Use just about anything – metal, coins, buttons, pictures, mirrors, tiles, stones, glass, fabric. The list goes on!

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