Remodelling An Older Home? Here Are 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Architecture on Jul 25th, 2016

Remodelling an older home can be an enormous undertaking. The wear and tear from years of use and environmental stress often means that there are a host of problems which require immediate addressing almost the second you take possession. It can be frustrating, but you can also make it fun. And when it’s all complete, it can be an immensely rewarding experience. If you are thinking about, or are in the process of, remodelling an older home below are five tips to keep in mind.

Get The Most Out Of Remodelling An Older Home

Only do what’s immediately necessary. Many people who are experienced at remodelling old homes suggest living in an older place for six months before you make any dramatic remodelling decisions. Observe how the sun travels through your home, where the cold air drafts are and where you may need to replace old doors or windows. This will save you money in the long run and make more accurate decisions regarding what needs the most immediate attention.

Develop a budget before you begin your work. Many homeowners, especially those purchasing and remodelling an older home for the first time, end up underestimating how much things are going to cost. Attempting a DIY tile installation without much knowledge can result in thousands spent, only to have to tear everything out and start from scratch. Qualified labour, although better assurance that the job will be done right comes at a substantial price. Having a realistic budget in advance will prevent these costs coming up as a surprise and help you plan better.

Get some bids from qualified contractors. If you are planning on doing all of the remodelling yourself, a great way to figure out how much you are going to need to spend on certain renovations is to contact some trusted, experienced contractors and have them quote you on jobs you are thinking of undertaking.

Use the internet wisely. The ability to search and save interesting ideas and useful information on the internet is great, but there are many more variables that should be considered when trying to implement something yourself, other than how it looks through your computer screen. Certain remodelling ideas work best in certain climates and an individual’s level of hands-on experience has a huge impact on how well they will be able to replicate and execute something they’ve seen online.

Be honest about your capabilities. The notion of buying a fixer-upper and completely redoing everything with your own blood, sweat and tears is romantic, but be honest with yourself about what you are actually able to get done on your own. If you have your budget in place, figure out what you can realistically get done without any professional help and what you can afford to pay an experienced contractor to do.

Remodelling an older home is always a journey. It takes time, patience, creativity and willpower to bring your plans to fruition. There will be joy, pain and many emotions in between, but if you keep in mind the above five tips when executing your plan, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time, money and stress.