Maximize Your Basement’s Potential With A Remodel

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Basements on Jun 6th, 2016

At Bedford Brooks, we offer personal attention to every detail creating your dream space which could include redesigning your basement.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Basement

You’ve been thinking about doing something outstanding with your basement, but haven’t decided on exactly what. Consider these five things before you do:

  • Ceiling

    If the ceiling in your basement is less than eight feet, it can be painted Gyprock or sheetrock for a modern and transferable look. If it’s more than eight feet high, a suspended ceiling might be the way to go.

  • Lighting

    To brighten up a usually darker basement area, good lighting is imperative. Recessed lighting is one of the most popular and practical fixtures on the market. If your basement ceiling is too low for recessed light, wall sconces would be the best bet, while table and floor lamps would look great anywhere you want an extra glow.

  • Storage

    For an enchanting look that is a great space saver, consider built-in storage. Make the best of your space for added function.

  • Trim and moulding

    Architectural details like wainscoting, crown moulding and baseboards give real appeal to a space, but be sure to design them to scale.

  • Flooring

    What are you using your basement for? That will give you an idea of what kind of flooring to install. For instance, a playroom needs a soft floor, while laminate or hardwood flooring will add charm to a guest bedroom. Since basements are liable to be more moist, be sure to prime a subfloor before installing whatever type of flooring you’ve chosen.

Decide what you want

So you’ve realized your basement can be finished. Now you have to think about what you’d like your new space to be. Here are a few great ideas on how to breathe life into your basement space:

  • Family room;
  • Children’s playroom;
  • More bedrooms/in-law suite;
  • Home office;
  • Game room;
  • Entertainment room/bar;
  • Media center and/or home theater;
  • Music room;
  • Home gym/workout area;
  • Hobby room;
  • A combination of these ideas.

Your basement might need to change as your lifestyle changes. A basement starting out as a family room might need to evolve into more bedrooms as your family begins to grow or as a space for aging parents or in-laws.

Whatever you may have in mind, the professional team at Bedford Brooks Design Inc.will go the extra mile to help make your perfect basement a reality.