Pretty Pottery

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Shopping at the charming pottery workshops in our neighbouring village, Mantamados, is always on the itinerary when travelling in Lesvos, Greece.  Most of the décor in our home is made up of items picked up during our travels and I always encourage this practice. What better way to keep the memories alive than having constant reminders in each room of your home!

Our treasures are packed with care and our carry-on luggage is always jam packed. We usually end up leaving a few things behind when packing to ensure the ceramics fit.  – and who knew there was an extra charge for an overweight carry-on? Well there is, and we were busted, lol.

Ceramics and pottery making have been a traditional activity in Mantamados and I hope it will be for years to come. In the 1950’s, there were well over 40 pottery workshops in Mantamados and today there are very few still standing. I am told there are 9 today, although I came across only 2 in my travels this year.

Here are a few photos of our favourite workshop. You can feel the history of the generations that worked so hard to make each piece by hand and with such care.


A Stone Home in Greece

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A Stone Home in Greece

I just returned from a glorious 5 week visit to Lesvos, Greece. I have so much to share about this charming Island so be prepared – my blogs on Lesvos will be popping up for a while.

After 24 hours of travel I am back home in Toronto, a city I love very much, but a part of my heart stayed behind.   I fell in love (maybe a little obsessed) with an old stone house in a small village called Kapi. I had my eye on this gem since my last visit in 2011 and I am even more obsessed with the thought of owning this home.

Unfortunately the photos I was able to take do not show the complete picture.  The home is hidden behind a high stone wall, and a court yard that has completely overgrown; however, there is a beautiful fully mature pomegranate tree, a fig tree and a plum tree.

For most this would be a daunting project.  The stone walls which are about three feet thick along with a new clay roof are all that is remaining.  The old roof fell in and took out the entire 2nd floor which is all still piled high on the main floor.  Perfect clean slate to do whatever I can dream up!

First step is the clean-up, then re-point all of the stone both inside and out (I have an estimate for that).  The process normally is to plaster the interior walls, but for me, I simply want to clean the stone and then seal them leaving the stone exposed on the interior.  Try explaining this to the people that live there, they’re all very confused by this and frankly think that I’m this crazy foreigner.

I’m going to leave you imagining yourself sitting under the shade of the fig tree listening to the sound of the little fountain just next to the stone oven in the outdoor kitchen!


Warmth of Wood

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Wood is a natural material that comes in a variety of warm tones and different visual textures. From ancient era to modern age, wood has been a part of the interior homes for functional or decorative purposes. Whether it’s utilized as furniture, flooring, wall or ceiling patterns, the characteristics of wood infuse our interior space with a sense of comfort, peace and a sensation of luxury. We love wood for its timeless and appealing elegant appearance.


The Dividing Door

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A dividing door between two interior spaces is a threshold between your favourite spaces or between your privacy and activities. Sometime it functions as a transitional element that creates flow from one space into another. Other times it functions as a visual entrance that creates an interesting passage experience. The door between spaces can also be a creative and useful surface that let you unleash your thoughts or a way to save some rooms in your space. A dividing door is a way to create ambiance, flexibility, and organize functions between spaces.


Interiors Through The Decades

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There are certain design trends we would like to lock up in the vault such as carpeting the bathroom (yuk) or popcorn ceilings, and on the other hand there are many classic design elements we draw inspiration from and use in today’s designs. I really love sifting through the decades of interiors and seeing the design trends that were popular back then. Here are some photos from the 1940’s all the way through to the 1990’s, which some of us would like to forget all together, I’m sure :)


New Press Release

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Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year when the stores are buzzing with Christmas shoppers and finding parking is a nightmare! Figuring out what gift to get for your family, friends and colleagues is a challenge on it’s own. So we thought we might help out with some great gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season.

Anthropologie has a great assortment of interesting ornament!

West Elm is our favorite shop for fun and quirky kitchen items!

CB2 has great contemporary accessories for any part of the home!

Zara Home recently opened a store location in Yorkdale mall, with many fabulous types of linen to select from. But the item I went crazy over is their selection of his and hers slippers. So challenging to find a nice pair and now we know where to get them!


Start Decorating

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating! We wanted to share some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your home for this year’s holiday season. Enjoy!


Colour Me Bold

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When selecting a fabric for a sofa, our natural instinct is to select a neutral colour. It’s safe, timeless and easy to change up with a couple of toss cushions. But once in a while, there is a great desire to go bold! Sometimes the sofa needs to the statement piece in the room, especially if it is located in a neutral setting. These fabulous sofas are sure to catch your eye!


Lounge Act

Posted by Peter Brooks in Interior design on Nov 5th, 2013

Sometimes, you just need to have a lazy day; in my case, a whole weekend! Lounging on the sofa catching up on all the missed episodes of Mad Men is just “what the doctor ordered.” For a while my brain seemed to stop working but it starts right up again when I look around at my living room with a sudden urge to change or rearrange something. So now I’m seeking inspiration for the living room, so that someday I can have the ultimate “lazy day.” What would your lazy day entail?