Living Room Trends for 2015: Abstraction and Colour

Posted by Bedford Brooks in Trends on Nov 26th, 2014
Across the fashion and interior design worlds, abstract geometric patterns are back. Where some people are still vying for the rustic feel, the modern crowd is giving way to angular and chic. source:houzz.com Traditional geometric standbys, like loosely...

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‘Cottage Chic’ Design Tips for the Home

Posted by Bedford Brooks in Design Tips on Nov 18th, 2014
Cottage chic as a style is gaining in popularity. Since arising in Britain as a way for professionals to recapture the comfort of their grandparents’ cabins, it has swept across the ocean to become a craze among the young and hip in Canada and the United...

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What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Posted by Bedford Brooks in Design Tips, Interior design on Nov 7th, 2014
Minimalist interior design is the reduction of rooms to their functional elements- no clutter, no unnecessary items. source:houzz.com In a minimalist home, everything has its place and stays there when not in use. Lines are clean, straight, and long....

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Thanksgiving Table

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Inspiration, Interior design, Trends on Oct 2nd, 2014
We recently had the pleasure of attending a special event hosted by Style At Home and Thermadore. with Special guest Chef Devan Rajkumar. Inspiration filled the room as Chef Devan shared his tips and recipes fit for entertaining a crowd and Editor-In-Chief...

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FOLLOW THE ‘DO’S & DONT’S’ AND YOU WILL CREATE THE PERFECT BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL LIVING SPACE 1. Not Hiring a Professional to Help How did you know that this would be my first piece of advice?  It is so important to hire a professional...

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The Passion of Design

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Inspiration, Interior design on Sep 7th, 2014
We’ve all heard the term ‘Passionate about design’. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from fresh Interior design degree graduates looking to join an exciting Interior Design firm. Almost each applicant begins by letting me know...

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Pretty Pottery

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Inspiration, Interior design, Shops, Vacation on Aug 28th, 2014
Shopping at the charming pottery workshops in our neighbouring village, Mantamados, is always on the itinerary when travelling in Lesvos, Greece. Most of the décor in our home is made up of items picked up during our travels and I always encourage this...

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A Stone Home in Greece

Posted by Peter Brooks in Inspiration, Interior design, Renovations, Vacation on Aug 21st, 2014
A Stone Home in Greece I just returned from a glorious 5 week visit to Lesvos, Greece. I have so much to share about this charming Island so be prepared – my blogs on Lesvos will be popping up for a while. After 24 hours of travel I am back home...

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Warmth of Wood

Posted by Peter Brooks in Inspiration, Interior design on Jul 4th, 2014
Wood is a natural material that comes in a variety of warm tones and different visual textures. From ancient era to modern age, wood has been a part of the interior homes for functional or decorative purposes. Whether it’s utilized as furniture, flooring,...

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