IDS 2012 ~ Highlights

Posted by Peter Brooks in Events, Interior Design Show, Interior design on Feb 22nd, 2012

2012 Interior Design Show Highlights.
We were at the evening Gala and took in as much as we possibly could. Over 300 retailers, studios and manufacturers and other exhibitors filled the Metro Convention Centre North.
There are so many established and new & up and coming designers, design shops and products. Check out the official [...]


Global Style

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Events, Interior design on Nov 2nd, 2011

We were out at an evening talk hosted at ELTE Furnishings last week.   The guest speaker was the new editor for Styleathome magazine Erin McLaughlin.  Erin spoke about the ‘trend’ of infusing a global look into interior design calling it ‘Global Style’.  Erin presented slides showing works of designers such as  Martyn Lawrence Bullard (www.MartynLawrenceBullard.com  [...]


This summer join me for an introduction to improving the interiors of your home. Learn different interior design styles ranging from shabby chic to opulent sophistication. We all want to improve our living standards: building better interiors, leads to home-style life enhancement. So come out and learn how to welcome new stylish designs into your home. [...]