How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Rooms

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Choosing Curtains on Mar 19th, 2015

Decorators know that curtains are often underestimated for how much they affect the final look of the room, either improving the room’s appeal drastically or by changing its appearance in a negative way.

Choosing Curtains

One of the difficulties is having to choose from a seemingly endless pool of options available in stores and online, so it’s understandable if you don’t know where to begin making the decision. If you’re feeling a little lost, here’s a small guide to help you through the selection process next time you need new curtains for your home!

Choosing the Right Colour and Fabric for your Curtains

The starting point for most people is finding a pattern or colour that speaks to them, such as a favourite pattern or familiar print on curtain material. The main drawback to basing the decision on personal preference is the lack of coordination between the fabric and the room’s decor.

Instead, consider how the fabric of the drapes and colour of them will affect the room at various times of the day. Light fabrics will look great in the morning light, but will they still suit the room after dark? And rich, heavy tones may be appealing after sunset, but they will likely look out of place during the day.

Next you have to think about performance. Heavy fabrics will not bend very easily, while sheer fabrics tend to fold like an accordion. The best fabrics fall somewhere in between, as they’ll likely create enough privacy while still being easy to maneuver. Moreover fabrics that lay somewhere in the middle of too heavy and too light won’t overpower the room, acting as a compliment to the room’s decor rather than a focal point of it.

To decide on a colour and print, it’s important to keep the room’s decor in mind as well as lighting sources throughout the day. If the curtains are for a particularly sunny room, you should keep in mind that continued exposure to sunlight will fade fabric dyes. Furthermore, different light bulbs will cast light of a different warmth. Some lights will be on the warmer end, making everything in the room appear more yellow than usual, while cooler lighting will give your room a blueish glow. Depending on the lighting of that particular room, your curtain colour choice may be affected.

Custom Made or Ready-to-use

Customized window treatments have the benefit of working like tailored suits: the end result will look fitted from top to bottom. With custom made curtains, you’ll likely be faced with a myriad of options and often a larger price tag than store bought options.

For those without much experience in home decorating, contact an expert who will be able to guide you through the decisions!