When you’re thinking about how to renovate your home, you’ll have many different options to consider including cost, contractor, and style preferences. One consideration that’s often overlooked by home renovators is how you will feel living in your home after all the construction is said and done.

Colour Psychology

In order to help you shape your renovation decisions, we’re taking a look at how to choose a colour scheme for your house to that will make it feel like a home.

Using Colour to Send a Message
Colour psychology won’t be able to resolve the conflict in your life, but considering how much time is spent at home, the effect it has on your mood can be substantial. It’s a concept so powerful that the advertising and marketing industries leverage it heavily while designing logos and promotional material for companies.

Colour can imply subtle suggestions that are less obvious than writing what the company is trying to convey about themselves, so it’s harder to guard against.

How Colour Therapy Works
Many people use calming activities to reset their bodies and minds. Imagine what it feels like to walk into your own therapeutic space where you can use colour as part of a holistic treatment, and you’ll find yourself wanting to paint every room to bring out the best in yourself.

According to psycologists, colours are so powerful that they can actually affect you physically. If you’re looking for colours to encourage your mood, try these:

    ●    Red is known to increase circulation and blood flow
    ●    Yellow can purify the body and stimulate nerves
    ●    Orange raises energy levels and encourages good breathing
    ●    Blue lowers pain and inflammation

In addition to colour therapy, aromatherapy is a valuable complement because it engages a different sense altogether. The immersive experience will leave you feeling renewed, and the scents will add a new level enjoyment to the room.

Choosing Colours that Work with your Home
Since not every paint colour is created equal, making the right choice can be tricky if you don’t have the right know-how. It’s such an important subject that colour science is often studied by designers and paint manufacturers.

Given that each shade has its own specific colour profile, you’ll want to compare colour samples from a home hardware store. Bring the samples into your home and see how they compare with the lighting and overall mood. Additionally, you’ll need to consider options including flatness, gloss, or matte finishes.

If choosing the right room colour provides to be a difficult task, enlist the help of an interior decorator or designer. They’ll be able to suggest colours that match the tone, lighting and style of your home that will allow your room to match your mood in a positive way.