The Psychology Of Colours Use In Designs

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Colour Psychology on Dec 11th, 2015

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely the colours used give meaning to those words.

Psychology Of Colours

Certain colors trigger certain moods and thoughts. There is a science to it all, and understanding this will help you to be more purposeful and deliberate when it comes to choosing the colours for your rooms.

Read on to learn more about the psychology of colours in designs! Knowing this will help when it comes to decorating, painting and wallpapering.


If you want to choose a color that will surely bolster the energy level of a room, then you can’t go wrong with red. It’s a good choice for any room where people will assemble — think den, living room or dining room — as will up the excitement level and stimulate dialogue. On another note, iWt has been demonstrated the red can increase blood pressure and speed up the heart rate, which means that this sort of stimulation is probably not the best idea for bedrooms.

Mellow Yellow

If you want a colour that screams “HAPPY!”, yellow is the logical choice. Whether you want it in your dining area or kitchen, yellow will give you, your family and your guests a healthy dose of joy. But too much can be, well, too much, which is why it’s not the best of ideas to go with yellow as the primary colour scheme.

In fact, research has demonstrated that people are more likely than not to get angry in a room that is largely yellow, and infants appear to cry more in rooms painted yellow than in rooms painted other colours. Use your yellows strategically to avoid negative energy.

Feeling Blue

Looking for the perfect colour for your bedrooms and bathrooms? Consider blue. The colour is believed to lessen blood pressure and reduce heart rate. In fact, blue in its lighter shades is a colour that brings about a calm and serene ambiance. Some recommend against using pastel blue colours, since a room with such colours can, if the rooms receive scant natural light, appear cold and chilly. Blue is a good choice as the primary colour in rooms — but stay away from dark blue since darker shades of the colour can trigger feelings of sadness.

Living Green

Green is a great choice if you want a colour that helps people to let their hair down and relax, thereby lessening stress. You can use it in your den or living room since green will bring people together.

Orange Crush

If you’re looking for a color that awakens feelings of energy and excitement, then orange is a good selection. It’s a great colour for your exercise area as it will help to put you in the right frame of mind to tackle your workout.

When it comes to the interior of your home, colour matters. So be purposeful and deliberate to make your home the most pleasant place to be for you and yours.