Perhaps you have a lot of old items lurking in your basement. Instead of throwing them out, why not repurpose them into something beautiful? You will not only save yourself a lot of money by not purchasing something new, but you will also be treating the environment very kindly at the same time. Here are a few clever DIY ideas for turning old items into beautiful and practical decor that will be completely unique to your home.

Turning Old Items Into Beautiful Decor

  • Turn Old Books into Shelves

    Shelves can serve as a decor piece (while also being very practical) if you’ve got the right kind of shelf. Old books make the perfect shelves. Simply mount two brackets to the wall and then slide the book between them.

  • Turn a Picture Frame into a Serving Tray

    Take an old picture frame, give it a new coat of paint and place a colourful print where the photo would go. Use it as a permanent decor piece on your coffee table to hold magazines and remotes.

  • Turn an Old Stepladder onto a Display Shelf

    You more than likely have an old stepladder lying around your house. Simply give it a new coat of paint and hang it up on the wall to serve as a decorative shelf for picture frames and other trinkets. An alternative is to take a larger ladder and use it as a bookshelf by hanging it lengthwise; or stand it against the wall and use it to display quilts.

  • Turn a Vintage Suitcase into a Decorative Table

    Turning a vintage suitcase into a decorative table (like a coffee table or end table) can serve as a piece of decor while also being equally practical. Simply fasten some legs onto the vintage table.

  • Turn Old Maps into Art

    Simply take an old map, put it in a frame and hang it as a piece of art in your living room or bedroom.

  • Turn an Old Mattress into an Oversized Message Board

    Take the mattress spring of your old mattress and treat it with a clear overcoat for a vintage message board. Not only will it serve as a large decor piece in your home, but it is also an equally practical way to post appointments and other reminders.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate your home, consider contacting an interior designer. Bedford Brooks Design Inc.’s work has been featured in a range of magazines from Canadian Home Trends to Chatelaine. Contact us today for more.