Most Innovative Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Decorative Ideas on Jan 13th, 2016

Your kid’s bedroom is their sanctuary. A child’s bedroom needs to be a comforting, safe space, one where they can indulge in creativity, play and learn about themselves.

Innovative Bedroom Ideas

Kids in the 21st century are used to and demand a lot more stimulation that kids of generations past and their bedrooms need to be tailored to meet that requirement. Here are five innovative bedroom ideas you can use to create a space your kids will love:

Make the bed fun. Kids generally hate bedtimes and going to bed. Bedtime indicates that fun is over and that the world and all of the amazing things in it will have to wait until the following day. As such, kids do not have the same relationship with their bed that most of us adults do.

Make your kid’s bed fun! A themed bed, or something reminiscent of play such as a car, or a pirate ship can create a relationship with bed that is better for them and better for those trying to get them to sleep.

Create places to explore. A simple four walled room is boring to a child. They want places to pretend and imagine. Consider incorporating some nooks and crannies for them to hide and explore. With a little wallpaper, a closet can become Narnia and an extra panel on a desk, a fort.

Make the bed a safe place. Children are a afraid of the dark and what might be lurking in it much more than adults (for the most part). A single bed in the middle of a wide open room in the dead of night can be an intimidating place for a child. A bed up against a wall, perhaps with some wallpaper of a favourite, comforting cartoon character, or a railing or curtain they can employ if they feel like an added sense of security means less night time trips to mom and dad’s room.

Loft beds. Picture bunk beds with only a top bunk. Kids love to climb, and sleeping above ground feels safe. A loft bed is another great way to create a sense of fun around bedtime, adds that sense of security that kids look for and is an amazing way to utilize vertical space underneath.

You want your kids’ rooms to feel protective as well as entertaining. Making an effort to ensure that they have a safe space to sleep, play and grow will go along way for their mental well-being and ensure they are getting a good night’s sleep for their physical well-being.

Experiment with some or all of the above tips and build a room your kids will love!