Bringing flowers into your home is a great way freshen it up and bring in some colour to liven your space. Sometimes, however, the prospect of arranging flowers can be slightly daunting; here are some tips for incorporating bright flower arrangements into your home in a way that is both simple and economical.

Bright Flower Arrangements

  • A Basic Flower Arrangement

    You can save yourself a lot of money by making your own flower arrangements. A basic flower arrangement is to place larger flowers in the centre of your vase and smaller flowers on the outside. You can fill in any spaces with greenery or other foliage. Use a rubber band to hold the flowers together.

  • Use Large Bloom Flowers

    A way to instantly create a lot of brightness without having to arrange an assortment of flowers is to simply use flowers with large blooms. In fact, you only need a stem to create a pop of colour (this is a great idea for a bathroom or bedside table) or you could use a bunch of flowers for a more dramatic effect. Some examples include peonies, dahlias or garden roses.

  • Arrange a Bunch of Bud Vases

    If the idea of arranging flowers is a bit daunting, one alternative is to simply gather a number of bud vases instead. Place a few stems in each bud vase and that is it — just ensure that they are long enough that they stand at least 5 centimetres over the top of the vase. You could even mix and match a couple of different types of flowers. Dahlias, for example, are bright and look great when in a vase with only a couple of other flowers.

  • Use a Large Leaf or Leafy Branches

    Another option for those who do not have a knack for arranging flowers is to simply take a large leaf or a branch with greenery and put it into a vase. This is great for homes with a more natural aesthetic, while delivering a pop of luscious green. This also looks wonderful on coffee tables. Just ensure that you put your branch into a vase with a wide enough bottom and a narrow bottleneck for stability purposes.

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