Tips To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Decorative Ideas on Sep 19th, 2016

The changing seasons provides the perfect opportunity to also change the decor of your home. Not only will this change, revitalize and refresh your space, but it is also a great way to get excited for the new season and the holidays ahead. Fall is a particularly lovely season, as the cooler temperature means turning your home into a cozy nest. Here are some tips to incorporate the lovely autumnal season into your home.

Fall Decor

  • Bring in the Natural World: Pumpkins, Leaves, Hay and Corn Husks

    When we think of fall, the image of pumpkins and falling leaves readily springs to mind. Incorporating these natural elements into your home is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home feel very autumnal.

  • A Fall-Themed Centerpiece is Key

    When changing the decor of your home, one of the first things to change is your centerpieces. One idea is to spray-paint a couple of small pumpkins (or gourds) gold and silver and then place them in a decorative bowl.

    Another idea is to fill a clear vase with cranberries or cranberry branches and place a candle inside, or fill a vase with fall foliage such as greenery and different coloured leaves. Don’t forget the fall-themed napkins to go alongside your centerpiece!

  • Swap for Fall-Themed Pillows and Blankets

    Fall is the perfect time to change the pillows and blankets on your couch to more fall-themed colours. Think dark reds, oranges, golds and browns. If you love to have candles burning in your home, now is also the time to bring out all of your fall-scented candles.

  • Make Some Tree Branch Coasters

    If you are the crafty type, consider making yourself some coasters made out of tree branches. Take a birch log of 7.6 centimetres in diameter and then saw it into slices that are 1.9 centimetres thick. Lightly sand each coaster. You can take it a step further by purchasing a fall-themed ink stamp and stamping it onto the coaster.

  • Make a Pussy Willow Wreath

    Fall is a great time to incorporate a wreath on your front door or over the fireplace. For a fall-themed wreath, simply gather some pussy willows and assemble them into a wreath. This is a very elegant-looking touch.

  • Don’t Forget the Fall-Appropriate Bedding

    Now is the time to change your lighter linens for cozier options like fleece or velvet.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate your home for fall, consider contacting an interior designer. Bedford Brooks Design Inc.’s work has been featured in a range of magazines from Canadian Home Trends to Chatelaine. Contact us today for more.