Designing Your Decorative Vignette

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips on Aug 13th, 2010

Every room has at least one or more ‘focal’ points. Vignettes are a simple way to create a focal point in a room using treasured objects you find in a local shop, on your family vacation or chances are you already have these treasured items in your home. A vignette can be created on a small foyer table, a fireplace mantle or even on a book shelf. 

Start by choosing the space you would like to see your vignette and change it.  Strip that table or mantle down to the bare bones and start fresh.

Gather your trinkets & treasures – the idea here is to end up with items that are different in size, shapes & colour. There are three rules that I like to follow; 1st keep it simple, 2nd try to keep your groupings in three’s and 3rd try to balance each object with space and height i.e. higher objects at the back.

 Let’s look at a fireplace mantle, keep in mind that the same look can be used on a long foyer table or even a side table.   Most people will place a large picture right in the centre of the mantle which is fine; however, try placing a framed picture to the left.  The picture should be about 1/3rd the size of the mantle. Hang the picture about two to three inches above the mantle or let it sit right on it.  Now place a tall object like a vase or sculpture in front of the picture on the left side just inside the frame then place two smaller objects on the mantle close to the tall object.  On the far right side an object that is shorter then the tall vase or sculpture will balance out the look.  Can you see it?   Don’t crowd things around it or on it.  Keeping things very simple and subtle can give you the biggest impact.

 These subtle arrangements add detail and a personal touch in a room and will compliment your space. All it takes is a little time and imagination. Vignettes are one of many ways to create a focal point in any room and there are endless combinations to your creation. Give it a try. I would love to see what you come up with and I invite you to send in your photos or send me a photo of the space your thinking of adding that special touch to – I’d be thrilled to give you some suggestions whether it’s about vignettes or any other design questions you may have.

Peter Brooks | Live Your Life By Design