4 Ideas For Conference Room Redesigns

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Apr 18th, 2016

The traditional conference room typically comprises a huge meeting table, nice chairs, and presentation equipment. It’s a rather simple setup that does not maximise team productivity and should be changed according to industry experts Highfive (a video conferencing provider) and Column Five (a visual communication agency).

Conference Room

For instance, only three or four chairs out of 10 or 12 are usually occupied during any meeting. Additionally, the limited technology options in smaller conference rooms limit their use to just about 10 percent of the time.

It is critical that you keep your conference room updated and on trend, particularly if you want your company to appeal to a certain audience. Here are a few ideas for redesigning meeting spaces:

  1. Modern, warm and inviting

    For conference rooms without windows, consider adding some design elements that make your space warm and inviting. For instance, you could get a nice carpet, add some comfy chairs, or place some fine art on your wall to provide a creative and attractive focal point. For artwork, choose natural landscapes or blue hues.

  2. Lighting beauty

    Office towers typically install fluorescent lighting on the suspended ceilings. If your budget allows it, consider getting a lighting overhaul. But there are more affordable options, such as adding a decorative pendant light fixture above the meeting room table. This will not only make the space brighter, but also create a good impression with your clients and make it easier to focus on the actual task.

  3. Open up the space with an executive look

    Consider installing clear or frosted glass doors for the meeting room to let in light and make the room feel bigger. For an executive, elegant look, you may add a built-in unit to store the multimedia items and keep the space tidy. You can pull the room together by adding an area rug around the desk. Alternatively, you could use contrasting carpet tiles in place of the rug.

  4. Tidy minimalist

    For open conference rooms with a modern minimalist design, consider using a functional room divider to optimise on space and storage. Add drawers to store away office supplies and shelving to keep frequently accessed items.

Update your conference room

Although updating a conference room may not seem like a worthwhile investment, research suggests that employees with access to updated conference rooms optimised for productivity tend to get more work done, which translates to greater profits.

While conference rooms are best for formal meetings involving a large number of people, you should also consider designing creative huddle rooms for unscheduled and informal meetings. For more information on how you can revamp your office to promote productivity, contact the Bedford Brooks team today!