Choosing the Perfect Artwork for Your Living Room

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Feb 5th, 2015

Artwork is one of those wonderful accents that can be added to any home to help create the mood, the design scheme, and the essence of the entire room it is placed in.

Living Room Artwork

Selecting the perfect artwork for your living room can be overwhelming. Just as you think you might have found the right piece of art, you might find that it doesn’t quite look right in the room. However, by following a few tips, you can find the right piece of art that will help you set the tone for one of the favorite rooms in the house!

  1. Art should mean something to you
  2. The artwork you select should either mean something to you or evoke feelings in a positive manner. Art often times makes us feel emotion. For example, an abstract with bright colors might evoke feelings of happiness. Find art that brings out the type of emotion you seek for the essence of your living room.

  3. Match the art to your color scheme
  4. If your living room consist of mostly blacks and white with a few accent colors, base the artwork you purchase off of the color scheme. If the art doesn’t match, it will stand out awkwardly and will likely throw off the balance in the room.

  5. The artwork must match the wall
  6. This means that the dimensions of the artwork must be suitable for where the artwork is to be placed. Art can appear too small and out of place if it’s placed on a large, open wall. Make sure that you go with dimensions suitable for where the art is to be placed.

  7. The style of the artwork should be similar to that of your design scheme of the living room
  8. For instance, if your living room is more modern, then adding a Victorian or Renaissance piece of artwork won’t be suiting and it will offset the tone of the entire room.

  9. Make sure that the piece of art chosen doesn’t clash with any other art or accessories in the room
  10. As with carefully selecting a style, when the art doesn’t match the other items in the room, it can create a sense of unbalance and lack of unity.

When all else fails, and finding a piece of artwork isn’t working out, consider creating your own! All of us harbor a creative side and although not all of us believe we can create something worthy enough to hang on the wall, it’s easy to design a wonderful piece. Even being as simplistic as painting an abstract with all your living room’s colors on it might be the key to hanging up that perfect piece of art. This way you have the freedom to make it the right dimensions and it will save you money in the meantime.