Creating an Industrial Look

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Feb 16th, 2015

Creating an industrial look throughout your home can be done easier than you might anticipate. Industrial designing can be done by following just a few simple steps!

Industrial Designing

You can take designing the room in an industrial way as far as you’d like to, but in some cases, simplicity with the industrial feel is best. Otherwise, the room could end up feeling cold and stark.

  1. Add metals
  2. This is perhaps a no-brainer. The industrial look thrives around the use of metal, so purchase metal décor, or consider investing in a metal sculpture or wall hanging. You can even go as far as adding metal beams on the ceiling.

    Galvanized metals are a great way to get the industrial look while still maintaining style in the room.

  3. Paint the room a shade of grey
  4. By selecting a shade of grey for the paint color, you’re already setting the tone for an industrial design scheme. To cozy the room up a bit, choose a grey with warmer undertones.

  5. Choose your art accordingly
  6. Select imagery or art that showcases tools, metals or anything that appeals to your industrial theme.

  7. Keep it simple
  8. The less you add into the room, the more likely it will appear industrial. Industrial designs typically look best when done in moderation.

  9. Get creative and use refurbished woods and metal to decorate the room
  10. By purchasing old wood and turning it into a table or other structures for the room, you’re creating not only a piece that will mean something to you, but something that will add to your theme. You can even use old tools as legs for a table! This is an area you should explore your creative side with.

  11. Expose your home’s building blocks
  12. Exposed beams and brick walls will only add to the essence you are trying to create.

  13. Ditch the picture hanging supplies
  14. Instead of hanging art, try setting large wall pieces on a table or resting them behind the sofa. This creates an unfinished look that is suitable to an industrial style.

  15. Don’t forget to add accent colors
  16. While an industrial design usually presents itself best with a grey color scheme, it’s always best to add a little color. This can be best done with the use of accessories and art.

Of course, when designing an industrial room in your home, you want it to still feel comfortable to you and any guests you might have over.

To soften up the room’s appearance, add soft textures. A shag rug, blankets and comfortable furnishings can make the room an enjoyable and stylish place to hangout, while still providing desired comfort.