Creating Luxury On A Budget

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Jun 26th, 2015

In these tough economic times, not everyone can afford that brand new home renovation they’ve been dreaming of, but just because you can’t redo your entire living room doesn’t mean you can’t give your home that same luxurious feel. There are plenty of inexpensive decorating tips that will impress guests and give you the same new room feeling you would get from a five-figure renovation.

Creating Luxury On Budget

Getting Grand Style on a Budget

The most obvious inexpensive way to give any room a luxurious feel is by giving it a new paint job. With a little patience and painter’s tape, this is a job that nearly anyone can do themselves saving thousands of dollars off the cost of hiring professionals.

While light or neutral colours can give the room a sophisticated look, try pairing two contrasting colours to give it a bit more flair. You can spare the cost of new furniture too by purchasing low-cost matching accessories such as pillows or drapes that you can pair with the darker paint colour. You can even give your walls the illusion of being taller with a simple paint job! Stop your wall pant 10 inches from the ceiling and finish that area with a light neutral tone. This will draw the eye towards the ceiling, making it appear higher than it actually is.

Lighting is another surprisingly inexpensive way to give any room a luxurious feel. While no one will think twice about a simple overhead light, you can purchase beautiful looking chandeliers for a great price that will have your neighbours thinking it set you back a hefty sum of cash. You can do the same with hardware finishes as well. Items like door knobs, drawer handles and faucets are usually bland and insignificant. However, you can find low cost alternatives that will stand out and complement the design of your home helping to tie everything together.

Enhance your Artistic Details

More than a new paint job or furniture, sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference in the design of your room. A nice painting from a local artist can allow you to say you have an original piece of art for a fraction of the cost a gallery would charge.

Get a nice set of coasters that match the design of your room. Candles, picture frames (either wall mounted or desk) and vases are all low-cost accessories that can help give any room an intimate vibe. Don’t be afraid to try giving your room a natural look by displaying a beautiful piece of driftwood or have a bowl with polished stones, pine cones or sea shells on a table or counter.

One of the most under-utilized resources for those shopping on a budget, as obvious as it sounds, is the Internet. Check free online classified sites like Craigslist or Kijiji a few times a week to find bargains that will complement the décor of your space.

Use your creativity and you’ll be able to create a luxurious space with a minimal budget!