9 Decorating Secrets From The Pros

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Nov 3rd, 2015

Turning your house into a beautiful home requires an artistic eye, as well as a pulse on what professional designers do to ensure consistently masterful decorations. Here are a few tips to help you create a homely atmosphere in your house!

Pro Decoration Tips

  1. Mix and match design styles
  2. Modern design approaches rely on a mixture of luxurious materials with humble ones to deliver magnificent blends. For instance, consider an antique dining table with branded dining chairs covered in washable vinyl.

  3. Don’t design with cliches
  4. Professionals understand that timeless designs are balanced, restrained, and never give in to the obvious. Some trends will only be fashionable for a few years, and possibly embarrass you in a couple of decades or so. So, try to use implicit designs rather than obvious options that will become obsolete in time.

  5. Hang artwork together
  6. Consider grouping framed pieces together in the family room to create a strong, lasting impression. For instance, hanging several prints in a grid above the family room couch creates the impression of a larger piece of art.

  7. Measure first
  8. Before making any changes, like buying large furniture or rugs, be sure to measure your space first so your new items fit perfectly in the area available.

  9. Hang curtains high and wide
  10. Rather than hanging your curtain panels directly above the window frame, try hanging them a couple of inches higher to make the window space appear larger. Also extend the rod wider, beyond the window frame, so the curtains open completely to allow in maximum natural light.

  11. Use darker themes for small rooms
  12. Painting the entire room with dark colour paints and installing dark floor rags will make a small room feel much bigger.

  13. Don’t divide small spaces
  14. Dividing your space creates different areas that make the space look smaller. Instead, try to unify small spaces by using a harmonising theme. For instance, you can use the same patterned fabric for your walls and bed.

  15. Add some greenery
  16. Consider placing plants and shrubs in room corners to create a sense of life. This will not only create better airflow in your space, but will bring an element of nature to your home that otherwise wouldn’t be found through decor alone.

  17. Add some accents
  18. Always include some accent colours in your rooms. It could be as extravagant as a pop of gold in the fixtures or as subtle as pillow sets in contrasting colours, patterns, and textures.

    Lastly, always keep your family’s lifestyle in mind when decorating your home to ensure that the space and your ideas are well suited for the entire family.

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