Design Your Office To Build Productivity And Creativity

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Mar 1st, 2016

With so many people working from home today, a space for an office in a house has become a coveted feature, and as necessary as a bedroom or a living room. If you’re fortunate to have a dedicated space for an office, you’ll want to set it up in a way that will encourage you to be focused, creative and productive.

Designing An Office

We all know how easy it is to stray off from work in a home environment, and the right design will certainly allow you to be at your optimal while working. According to recent studies, a well-designed office can boost a person’s productivity by about 20 per cent.

The most important feature in an office design? The walls that surround you

Whether large or small, one of the most important design features of an office is the colour of the walls and what is displayed on them. It is common knowledge that colour has an effect on our moods and brain function. Different colours evoke different emotions. For an office, you might want to go with blue which is said to inspire productivity, or white which promotes creativity. And while green may not be the trendiest of colours these days, it is also said to promote healthy and active working environments.

Inspiring decor is also an essential for the walls in your office. Looking up from your work should give you a glimpse at an inspiring framed quote or trophy display, not a drab, plain space.

Decorate the walls with a few pieces of artwork that are meaningful to you, either because of their visual depictions or typography (IE wise/motivational sayings), or because of their personal influence in your work. Have an authority figure in your industry you’re trying to emulate? Add an article written about their success to your bulletin board as an extra nudge towards completing the task at hand.

Lastly, don’t dismiss the power of a paper calendar or day planner on a wall in full view. It will keep you on track and motivated all day without the need to even touch your mouse.

Let there be light!

Task lighting is always a great way to focus your attention, but you also need other lighting, such as a pendant above to create a bright and cozy ambiance, so you won’t feel isolated with just that one spot of light on your desk. Lighting is very important in any space, as improper lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

Furnish it right

Choosing the right office chair and table is essential to your comfort and thus productivity. It will certainly be counterproductive if you spend your time constantly adjusting yourself, eventually getting frustrated with your discomfort.

An ergonomically correct position means that your eyes should be about two to three feet from your monitor, with the top of the monitor at eye-level. It’s important to keep your feet flat by either adjusting your chair or using a foot rest and to keep your seat slightly reclined to minimize pressure on your spine and help you avoid lower back pain.

It’s a good idea to have a few pieces of furniture or objects in your office space that will help you take a break from your task and re-charge your energy. Consider placing a comfortable reclining chair in front of a window, or if the space is big enough, a small sofa to lie down on.

Bring in the natural world

As human beings, we are always quite affected by our natural world. Nature plays a very influential role in our psychological and physiological well-being, and that in turn affects our ability to be creative and productive. Houseplants are an easy and effective way to bring elements of nature into your space. Flowers and other organic objects, such as crystals or pieces of natural wood, both ground and relax us.

There are many things you can do to create a creative workspace in your home. For more information, talk to the Bedford Brooks team today.