Go Green with Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Aug 17th, 2015

There are so many benefits to creating an eco-friendly living space! Ditching plastic and other synthetic materials can give your home a beautiful, rustic feel, while being great for the environment and your own health. Natural materials are also far more durable than plastics, and can be handed down or recycled. Taking the environment into consideration when designing your home will make you and your family happier and healthier.

Home LED Bulbs

Ditch the Plastic

Plastics are less attractive and durable than natural materials, as well as being damaging to the environment to produce. Plastics also end up in landfill. Natural materials to use in home design include:

  • Wood, such as hardwood, wicker, cork, or bamboo.
  • Cotton and other natural fibres. Go one step further by buying organic cotton!
  • Glass.
  • Plants.
  • Ceramics and stone.

Furniture and accessories made from synthetic materials may be cheaper, but ultimately they have lower value. Items made of natural materials can be found both new and used, and will last forever, being recycled instead of thrown out.

By shopping at antique stores and flea markets, you will find unique and interesting items while also caring for the environment by participating in recycling.

These materials will give your home a natural warmth and charm, and make you feel better about your ecological footprint!

Use Less Power

LED and Fluorescent light bulbs use less power and last longer than standard bulbs. By maximizing the amount of natural light with strategically placed windows, you can also use less artificial light during the day. Items such as candles can also be used as energy efficient and aesthetically appealing light sources.

Energy efficient appliances are also readily available, specifically energy-saving washers and dryers.

When it comes to using less power, every little bit makes a difference!

Go Clean & Green

There are more options than ever when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Everything from toilet bowl cleaner, to hand soap, to laundry detergent can be found without harmful chemicals and toxins.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products not only keeps you and your family safe from harmful fumes, or from accidentally ingesting toxins, but they will also biodegrade once flushed down the drain.

There’s no need to worry about the efficacy of these products. They work just as well as their chemical-laden counterparts, and smell much better!

Hopefully these ideas will help you create a healthy, eco-friendly, and comfortable living space. Buying ethically sourced and manufactured items for your home will improve the community and environment around you! There are always more ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Keep your eyes out, and go green today!