How to Create a Cozy Reading Corner in Your Home

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Feb 26th, 2015

Reading is one of the most relaxing and exciting parts of a person’s day. It’s their escape from reality and a way for them to unwind after a long day at the office.

Cozy Reading Corner

When you or your family members take reading seriously, consider creating a reading corner in your home! Whether you design it for your own use or for the use of anyone else such as your children, it’s easy to design a cozy spot to curl up and read.

Creating a Reading Corner- Step by Step

  1. Find a space or corner in your home that isn’t used as often as it could be
  2. This space should have great lighting or even a large window. Make sure the space is useable and large enough to create a little reading nook.

  3. Add bookcases, tables and storage areas in the area
  4. Make the space appeal to you by adding your favorite books. Hide them in furnishings for a cleaner look, or put them out on a bookcase to create a library feel.

  5. Find comfortable seating
  6. Add a big cozy chair, use a window bench, or toss a pillows and soft textures around. This will make the area more comfortable and inviting.

  7. Get creative!
  8. By using awkward spaces in the home, you are making better use of every square foot. Under the stairs, areas where the ceilings are lower, or even lofts are well suited to be a reading corner.

  9. Add color
  10. By adding pops of color, you can evoke a more playful and inviting space to read. Try to avoid dark colours like maroons or even blacks, as they’ll steal the light you need to read and will likely cause a strain on your sight.

  11. Play with lighting
  12. Lighting always sets the tone, so by adding candles or a small lamp to the area, you can control the lighting as you read. If it’s near a window, add drapes that can still allow for sunlight to shine through when you want it to.

A reading nook or corner is a great idea for any home. If anything, it only encourages those in the home to read more often. It also allows you to get creative and to make use of awkward spaces that might not have gotten much use before. By adding plush pillows and soft textures, you can design an area that feels relaxing. It’s a place where you can easily enjoy a hot beverage, a good book, and a perfectly relaxing ambiance!