Using Plants Inside: Green-Thumb Design Tips

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Dec 16th, 2015

Bringing some of the outdoors into the inside of your home can improve and enliven your living space.

Plants Inside Home

Plants can beautify the outside of your home – which is why you put time into tending a garden and landscaping – but have you ever given serious thought as to how plants of all sorts of types and colours could be taken from the great outdoors and transplanted into the confines of your home?

Simply introducing plants in your dwelling won’t necessarily do the trick. You’ve got to be strategic and deliberate in order to make the inside of your home an oasis of living colours. What follows are some green-thumb design tips that will help you go about curating your decor with living plants in mind!

Benefits of Bring Plants Inside

Bringing plants indoors not only will beautify your home, but also will purify it. Plants act as filters that help to keep the air that you, your family and your friends breathe pure. Research actually demonstrates that specific plants can eliminate as much as 89% of the bad substances such as xylene formaldehyde in rooms.

Dendrobium and Phaeleonopsis Orchids

Orchids have a bit of a bad rap since many people believe that they are hard to grow. But contrary to this rumor, they’re relatively easy to grow! In fact, they don’t have to be babysat and given a great deal of water and sunlight.

When you bring orchids into your home, they’ll eliminate xylene from the air. Xylene is a substance found in lots of different paints and glues. These types of plants also give off oxygen, which make them great for any bedrooms in your home.


While ferns aren’t necessarily most people’s first choice when it comes to houseplants, they serve a very useful purpose. They can, for instance, help to clean your air of pollutants such as xylene and toulene, substances that can be found in many types of glues, paints and nail polishes.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies not only look great, but also help to clean your air of dangerous toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene and ammonia.

Knowing what sorts of plants you can add to your home’s interior is important. Plants will serve the dual purpose of filtering out the bad substances and beautifying your home in a way that furniture or paint won’t. Consider bringing some of the outside into the inside of your home today and you’ll be creating a beautiful and unique natural decor while allowing your family to breathe easy!