Using Your Child’s Art For Home Décor

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips on Apr 30th, 2015

If you’re looking for creative ways to freshen up the atmosphere in your home, consider utilizing your children’s artwork to fill up the empty spaces on the wall! Showcasing your children’s art is a great way to encourage their creative side and is an innovative way to enhance the overall look of your home.

Child’s Art For Home Décor

The challenge often doesn’t come in trying to find the artwork to hang – as any parent of a creative child knows, kids can produce original pieces by the dozens! The difficult part is actually trying to find a way to display the work in a creative and clean way. Hanging art on the fridge can lead to a cluttered looking kitchen, and keeping it only on display in their bedrooms can feel less special for the child.

So what can you do to display the work throughout your home?

A unique way to display your child’s art in an industrial-chic way is with paper clips. These are perfect for hanging your child’s pictures on the wall because you can easily change out an older picture for a newer one, and they are easy to rearrange.

To create a cohesive look, hang three in a row on an otherwise blank wall. This will create a simple but eye-catching element to the room! Additionally if you’re not fond of traditional clipboards, you can opt for a thick piece of wood stained to match other elements of the room with a clip attached to the top. You’ll get the same display options but with a more customized variation.

If you are worried about the picture not matching the color scheme of a particular room, let your children draw a picture with colors that match the space. You can swap out those clipboards for matching picture frames to help unify the piece of art you wish to display in order to create a contrast that works with the theme of the room.

Items to Purchase for Displaying Children’s Art

  • Colorful Pant Hangers with Clips
  • Oversized Clothes Pins
  • Creative Wires
  • Framed Canvases

Try to be as creative as possible when putting your children’s projects on display! Many people waste hundreds and even thousands of dollars on art to hang on wall art, but if you have kids, you can have priceless original pieces crafted from their imagination.