Welcome to the Bedford Brooks Design Blog

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips on Apr 28th, 2009

Welcome to my first ‘Blog’.  My hope and intention is that my blogging will provide the reader with some inspiration, tricks of the trade, some rules to follow and some rules that are great to break!

Let me first tell you one of the biggest reasons why I’m so passionate about design.  I’m talking about living design.  How our homes, gardens, cities and surroundings effect us.  We’ve all watched shows at one time or another like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Take This House and Sell It, Buy Me, Mike Holmes, Design Inc… the list is endless. We watch as people, families and communities are changed by the designers and the people and trades that transform the vision into reality.  Many of us don’t realize it but the effect that our homes have on us is enormous.

Our homes give us a sense of security; they can speak to who we are and how we welcome our families and friends. I saw this clearly as a Realtor with Re/Max Hallmark Realty, I was a full time agent for over 18 years.  I would stage homes long before staging was the ‘norm’.  I knew it wasn’t just about selling location, brick and mortar; it was also about selling a feeling.  If I showed exactly the same two homes, one that was in dire need of a fresh coat of paint and a few carefully chosen pieces and the other that was refreshed with a few gallons of paint and staged for few dollars I knew that not only would the staged home sell very quickly but it would sell for a great deal more then the other home.

One more note on home staging.  I have staged many homes in preparation for sale.  Without exception every home owner is truly amazed at the transformation but more importantly they always say “why did I wait to do this”.

Hiring a stager or a designer can be very affordable because most of the time homes simply need a bit of a twist and fluff.  I hope that my blogging encourages people to send in photos, questions, advice and ideas that we can all share and have fun with.

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