5 Tips For Choosing The Right Furniture

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Furniture on Nov 26th, 2015

Furniture not only enhances your space, but also brings life to your room when done properly. But with the vast variety of furniture on the market, choosing the right furniture can be a bit difficult. You have to consider beauty – how it matches your room decor; durability – whether it will last for years; and quality – the distinct details that make it the best option.

Right Furniture

Despite the challenge, choosing home furniture is actually a pleasurable event involving the design and creation of a warm and inviting home that will welcome you each day. So, here are a few tips to help you select the right furniture.

  1. Comfort
  2. One of the most important features of good furniture is aesthetics, in regards to both the look and function. Think about the role of each piece of furniture in your everyday life, and determine whether or not it meets your requirements. Before making the purchase, conduct the “sit test” to check its comfort level. It hardly makes any sense to have a beautiful item that no one wants to sit on.

  3. Construction
  4. You want something that feels heavy and solid. So, for indoor furniture, you will want to forgo any items made from aluminium and particleboard. Timber constructions have many benefits, including their classy look and remarkable durability. However, you should ensure that the price matches the quality and estimated lifespan.

  5. Shape
  6. Your choice of furnishings tells a lot about your personality. Considering that furnishings typically cost a small fortune, you should determine whether to choose a trendy design or something that is likely to remain fashionable for many years. Buy items that you will love for the long-term. This does not necessarily mean that you have to choose something dull. There are many timeless pieces in both contemporary and traditional designs.

  7. Fabrics
  8. The choice of fabric mostly depends on the room you’re furnishing. Lighter coloured fabrics are preferred in bedrooms, where there is little traffic. Conversely, darker fabrics are suitable for frequently used items. They don’t get dirty easily, which means that you can wash them less frequently.

  9. Finish
  10. The type of finish not only impacts the durability of the item, but also your home decor. For instance, a traditional cherry-stained chair can look contemporary by simply painting it black. Pay attention to the stain colour used on any exposed wood on your furnishings, and be sure to find out the level of maintenance required for each item, as some finishes have special cleaning needs.

Lastly, select a theme to narrow down on your choices, especially if you’re furnishing multiple rooms. This will help you determine what stores to visit, and help you come up with a realistic budget that you’re more likely to stick to.

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