How To Pick The Right Furniture For Your Space

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Furniture on Apr 4th, 2016

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your space, whether you’re filling a large living area or a small bedroom, it usually comes down to more than its initial beauty. The construction, style, and durability are factors that are just as important as aesthetics.

Right Furniture

But before you get to picking the colours, materials, and construction of your furniture, you need to take the necessary measures to arrange your space, whether it is for watching TV, relaxing, or entertaining guests. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Take measurements of your space

    Before you can start to arrange your space, you need to determine its size and dimensions of the room. Remember to note down the dimensions of the door widths, stairs, and hallways leading to that space to ensure that the entrance and egress of the room are big enough for potential furniture purchases.

  2. Function of the room

    Whether it is your living room, bedroom, or any other room, you need to identify what activities you intend to undertake in that space as it has a huge impact on what furniture you need to buy. The living room, for instance, may require a modular cabinet for storage, placing the TV set, or placing drinks when entertaining guests.

  3. Draw a plan

    The next step is to create a plan for where each of your items will go. It doesn’t have to be a formal design as you can merely sketch the floor plan on a piece of paper with the furniture that you prefer. Remember to plan the traffic and furniture placement to allow for comfortable and passable pathways. For large spaces, you may request an interior designer to create a 3D design of your space with furniture in it. However you get your plan, make sure to stick to it. Veering away from what you decided on can make the process longer than necessary.

  4. Mix furnishing of different sizes

    Incorporating furniture pieces of varying height, width, and depth will help to add visual interest to your space. Similarly scaled pieces help to create a balanced and serene atmosphere when used together, but utilising the different physical qualities of height, width, and depth throughout the space will create a harmonising atmosphere.

  5. Stick to your theme

    When choosing furniture, don’t just think about the function of that room. It is important that you match it to the furniture in other areas of your home, especially if you use an open layout where all the furniture is visible.

Lastly, fill your room with accent furniture. Besides the basic furniture that you need for functional purposes, consider getting accent furniture such as an extra seating area that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. However, take care not to crowd your space as it might block the passages. For more information, contact the Bedford Brooks team.