Multipurpose Furniture For Modern Spaces

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Furniture on Jan 1st, 2017

Modern homes are taking advantage of multipurpose furniture. Not only does it save space, but it is the most economical way to purchase your furniture, allowing you to get multiple pieces in one. Here are some classic pieces of furniture reimagined and a few entirely original pieces thrown in for good measure.

Modern Multipurpose Furniture

  • Foldable Sofa That Turns Into A Bed

    This is a modern take on the classic, yet stale, pull-out sofa. If you are lacking in guest rooms and wish you had more space to have people over, a sofa that folds into a bed instead of simply pulling out into a bed is a very modern take on this classic piece of furniture.

  • Enclosed Cabinet Turned Office

    Another modern spin on the murphy bed, also known as the wall bed, is a piece of furniture that acts as a closed cabinet but then also pulls out into an office space, complete with a desk, when you need to get some work done. This piece of furniture is ideal for those who either work from home or perhaps operate a home-based business from their home quarters but are lacking in space.

  • Sliding Media Center With A Bed Behind It

    This piece of multipurpose furniture feels very high-tech. Simply slide the TV over to reveal a twin-sized bed! This option is a more modern version of the murphy bed – one of the most classic pieces of multipurpose furniture out there. This piece would be particularly ideal for bachelors.

  • Expandable Console Table Turned Dining Room Table

    An interesting piece of multipurpose furniture is the console table that expands into a dining room table, allowing you to host holiday dinner parties despite your lack of space. Not all of us are lucky enough to have enough space for a traditional dining room, but this is a great modern alternative.

  • A Modular Unit With Pull-Down Beds For Children’s Rooms

    Modular units, whether desks or large shelving units, that are also equipped with a pull-down bed are ideal for children’s and teens’ bedrooms that are on the smaller size. In this way, the children’s bedroom can also act as a part-time playroom due to the fact that the bed is off of the floor. This piece of furniture is unique, stylish and practical, all at the same time.

If you are looking for more ideas on modern multipurpose furniture, consider contacting an interior designer. BedfordBrooks Design Inc.’s work has been featured in Canadian Home Trends and Chatelane. Contact us today for more.