4 Hidden Storage and Design Tips

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Hidden Storages on Mar 26th, 2015

Living in a big city usually comes with a hefty price tag for square footage, whereas rural areas don’t have the same premiums, but usually call for more storage to accommodate families.

Staircase Shelving

Whether you live downtown or in the suburbs, anybody can make use of additional storage space! Not only does this make for more efficient use of space, but there’s also the added benefit of keeping clutter out of sight, making your home seem neater and more enjoyable to live in.

Creating Stair Storage for your Shoes
Many homes have a staircase to the second floor near the entrance to the house. Shelving can be built into the lower steps to store pairs of shoes that aren’t currently seasonal.

Like regular shelves, they’re tucked into the vertical part of a step when closed. The stairs are a perfect height for storing items that are wide but relatively flat, but the best part is that the storage is inconspicuous.

The shelving works best for staircases that aren’t open concept, although your interior designer will be able to make alternative suggestions If you do have open concept stairs.

A Full Closet Under the Stairs
In older homes, people would use the area under the stairs as a cool, dark storage space, but many of us who have had any experience using the larder probably found the experience unpleasant.

Our version brings back the stairwell storage in a new and improved way! Nowadays with better insulation, most parts of the home are warm and pleasant, making them the perfect environments to store fabrics, papers and other sensitive items.

Full Closet Under Stairs

Condo-style Laundry Rooms
Condominiums have found a decent solution to making sure that each unit has a laundry and dryer without taking up too much space. This is typically done by hiding the appliances within a small closet.

Our vision takes it a step further and tucks the space behind tall, sliding bookcases. A hidden compartment is something straight from the movies, however this solution doesn’t need a Hollywood budget to be achieved!

Condo Laundry Rooms

Book’s in the Rafters
For book collectors everywhere, you will have books of all kinds: books that you’ve read and would like to re-read, books you’d like to read for later, books from yard sales, books you’ve read over and over again; the list goes on!

In units where rafters are exposed, it’s possible to affix flat boards for shelving. The spines of the books will add some colour and interest that are usually outside of the usual eye line.

Books in Rafters

However for those looking to achieve the same style and don’t have exposed rafters, light shelving units can be added a foot below the ceiling to get a similar effect!