How To Curate A Gallery In Your Home

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Home Gallery on Feb 20th, 2017

Art is a powerful way to enhance any room. Here is how to create a gallery in your home.

Curating A Home Gallery

  • The Curating Basis: Consider The Mood You Want For A Room

    Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what pieces to include in your gallery. One way to help you narrow them down is to figure out what mood you are looking to achieve in a given room and then choose pieces based on how they will bring this about. Above all, your art should speak to you in some way, whether it reminds you of a past time or inspires calmness. Keep in mind that the pieces you choose are meant to fit together as a whole.

  • Use Cardboard Templates Before Hanging Art

    If you are unsure where to hang your art, play around with cardboard templates on your wall with blu-tack. A good way to start is to choose a centerpiece and then arrange the remaining pieces around it.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match

    If you are looking to create a gallery wall in your home and are particularly fond of the eclectic look, a good way to accomplish this look is by mixing and matching different mediums of art such as photographs and paintings, as well as different sizes. Alternatively, if you have a range of different pieces and want to have a semblance of order, you can group pieces that have shades of one particular colour.

  • Furnish The Room Around The Art

    When curating a home gallery, you have to think about more than the art itself, including the actual room. This means considering the colour of the walls, the furniture and the carpet in a way that really complements your art. For example, if you’ve invested in a bold standout piece, furnish the rest of the room in a more neutral or minimalistic way, which will allow your standout piece to really pop.

    When it comes to furniture, consider doing away with your traditional couch sofa in favour of a settee like you would find in an actual art gallery.

  • Don’t Overlook The Fixtures In The Room

    Similarly, don’t overlook the fixtures of the room, such as the lights or coffee table, and how these things can reflect the artistic themes of your given room as well as complement your art.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to curate a gallery in your home, consider contacting an interior designer. Bedford Brooks Design Inc.’s work has been featured in a number of magazines, from Canadian Home Trends to Chatelane. Contact us today for more.