Home staging is the practice of “staging” your home to look more attractive to potential buyers in order to receive the highest bid. It plays on the emotional aspect of the homebuying process, and therefore it is considered a mix of marketing and interior design. Home staging could involve anything from decluttering, bringing in rental furniture or even making major repairs, depending upon the nature of the home. In the process, your home becomes like a product. Statistics show that homeowners who invest in home staging services have their homes sold more quickly and that they receive 17% more for their homes.

Home Staging

Today, home staging is an entire industry with professionals offering their services, but ten years ago it wasn’t that well known. Home staging began as the brainchild of a woman named Barbara Schwarz in 1985. Since then, she has introduced people from all walks of life to the process, from hobbyists to students and homeowners.

Getting The Highest Price For Your Home

  • Create a “Feeling”

    Home staging is about creating a certain feeling in a home. You invoke a certain lifestyle or even a fantasy. Elements like ambience come into play. This is the art of home staging.

  • Play to the Current Market of Homebuyers

    Professional home stagers can encounter two dilemmas, one being generational gaps between the home stager and the home seller. The majority of homebuyers are looking for move-in-ready homes, a fact that directly contradicts older individuals’ history of buying “fixer uppers.” In some cases, homeowners may not realize that their house needs changes in order to be sold. Home staging is successful because it plays to the current market of homebuyers and what they want.

    A similar problem is the fact that homeowners can be emotionally attached to various parts of their home and can be reluctant to change. Professionals aim to make suggestions in as delicate a manner as possible, cultivating something that is akin to bedside manner. This process is absolutely essential to creating that “feeling.”

  • Consult the Professionals

    Home staging is a hobby for many. However, if you are looking to sell your house and get the most out of the process of home staging, use professional home staging services, even if just for a second opinion. They have years of real-life experience and highly specialized knowledge.

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