5 Creative And Economical Ways To Light Up Your Kitchen

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Interior design on Jul 18th, 2016

It is entirely possible to find quality, original lighting ideas without spending a fortune on big, expensive fixtures. With a little bit of creativity and some research, you can come up with lighting options that look great and fit within your budget. Below are five creative and economical ways to light up your kitchen.

5 Creative And Economical Ways To Light Up Your Kitchen

Make your fixtures multitask. There are four lighting “layers” that interior designers keep in mind when selecting lights and light fixtures: the ambient, the task, the focal and decorative layers. The trick to finding great lighting on a budget is selecting lighting and fixtures which accomplish some or all of these different functions.

Lower the level of your lighting. A quick, budget-friendly lighting makeover idea involves finding ready-made halogen fixtures which cover the middle area of a room. Place them on the bottom of your cabinets, then turn them on and watch your old kitchen transform into a completely new room.

Take your time. There are always hidden gems, but they take some finding. Often you will have to spend some time perusing to find something that is both economically feasible and stylistically satisfying. Research some lighting styles that interest you and then spend some time in stores looking for fixtures that are similar.

Think long-term savings. The initial setup costs of energy efficient lighting are usually slightly higher than their energy inefficient cousins, but keep in mind how much more energy you will be consuming in the long run with lighting that doesn’t work as efficiently. This includes more frequent bulb replacement and more money spent on energy bills.

Do it yourself. Labour is often one of the costs that are overlooked when planning kitchen lighting. Learning how to build and install your own unique, creative lighting will save you money and guarantee you of something truly original. If you need some help getting started, pay a visit to your local hardware store and talk to one of the employees about putting you in touch with a trusted handyman.

Lighting is a necessity, but it is certainly not necessary to spend a fortune on it. There are a wide range of great lighting options available that are multifunctional, make efficient use of energy and which, with a little know-how, you can even modify and install yourself. Keep in mind the above five suggestions and design or makeover a kitchen with lighting you can love and rely on.