5 Ways to Create a Multi-Purpose Room

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Interior design on Jan 7th, 2015

Perhaps you’re living in a small apartment with too few rooms to do everything that you want to do. Or maybe you’re looking to make your daily routine more efficient so you don’t have to scurry back and forth between separate areas of your home all the time.

Multi-Purpose Room Tips

Whatever your reasons for seeking to organize a multipurpose room, the task can be challenging, but also very rewarding. While it’s hard to figure out how to fit everything you want into a single room with limited floor space, a good idea can inspire enough creativity to easily make it happen!

  1. Living room + Guest room
  2. This is one of the most common multipurpose arrangements, and with good reason. A guest room with an extra bed is extremely useful when you have family or friends visiting, but the rest of the time it can seem like wasted space.

    Turning a living room into a guest room can be as easy as choosing a sofa with a pull-out bed. While it is possible to pull this off with open spaces, it works best if your living room has a door that your guests could close for privacy.

    For living areas that are going to double as guest bedrooms, use warm, inviting colours to make for both a fun entertainment space as well as a relaxing place to sleep.

  3. Dining room + Living room
  4. Instead of placing a sofa up against the wall, place it in the middle, bisecting the room into two spaces.

    In front of it, you can have your coffee table and living room area.

    Place a table against the back for a dining area. Or, if you have enough floor space, set the dining table further back from the sofa for seating on all sides.

  5. Laundry room + Craft/work studio
  6. Messy work and crafts require easy access to a place to clean up, so it might as well be done in your laundry room!

    Front-loading washers and dryers work best because they let you save space in a couple of ways. They can be stacked, freeing up floor space. Or, if they are side-by-side you can install a countertop up above.

    A deep washbasin also helps for cleaning up after crafts, as well as doing hand-washing laundry.

    If having your front-loading machines side by side, consider installing shelving above to hold your laundry detergents, crafting supplies, tools and other necessary accessories to make the room functional and versatile.

  7. Home Office + Guest Room
  8. Depending on how often you work at home and also entertain guests, this combination can work quite well. A guestroom doesn’t need as much clothing storage as your main bedroom, which frees up space for a small desk. Plus, if you get tired after working, there’s a bed ready for a quick power nap!

    To save space and refrain from your guests having to sleep in a business atmosphere, consider having a folding desk installed. With to collapsible legs and a hinge that attaches the desktop to the wall, these discreet yet functional desks are ideal for small spaces and dual-purpose rooms.

  9. Home Office + Living Room
  10. Mount your TV on the wall above a desk, and you are on your way to designing a great office/living room. Wall-mounting various fixtures is a great way to save space. Plus, you can plug in your computer to the TV for streaming online video when you’re using the space as a living room.