Small apartments are not necessarily a bad thing for busy folks who only need the space to rest at the end of the day. They are more affordable, demand fewer utility expenses, are easier to warm during winter, and require little time and effort to clean and maintain.

Light Colour Walls

Still, you need to create the impression of more space to make life more comfortable in a small apartment. You need to be creative in designing the interior and your choice of furnishings to leave as much space as you can. With a sensible choice of colours and patterns, you can easily achieve your goals!

Here are a few clever ways to make your tiny space feel terrific:

1. Paint your wall with light colours

The walls define how large or small your space is, and dark colours and patterned wallpapers tend to make rooms seem smaller. Beige, yellows, blues, and other light colours, on the other hand, can give a lot of perspective in a tiny room and make the space feel airy, especially in natural light.

Naturally, white does a great job at opening up the room and provides the best background for bold and colourful accents in your furnishings or décor.

2. Décor accents

Strategically placed mirrors tend to visually ‘double’ the size of the space, plus they reflect light causing the room to open up even more. Alternatively, you can use oversized canvases of printed or custom art. The mirrors and large pieces should be placed vertically, so the tiny space appears taller and roomier.

3. Hang your art and furnishings high

You can make the room feel more airy and expansive by directing the eyes upwards. Consider accentuating your room’s ceiling height by hanging drapes well above the window and allowing them to cascade down to the floor. Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall and hang your art above eye level to create the impression of additional space.

4. Use furnishings with legs

When buying furniture, opt for pieces with legs as opposed to those that sit directly on the floor. The latter tend to be bigger and bulky, while legs provide space for air and light below the furniture, preventing the room from appearing visually overcrowded.

5. Create room to breathe

When floor space is limited, it is natural to maximize open areas by pushing furniture to the wall. However, leaving large spaces void of items creates the feeling of emptiness, which allows the eyes to wonder and rest. The space should feel bigger if you don’t squeeze your furniture or crowd the room.

Finally, resist the urge to buy small furniture. It seems like the logical thing to do, but having noticeably small items won’t fool anyone. Instead, invest in a few large pieces of furniture, accessories, and proper lighting to reduce visual clutter and make the space feel more open and luxurious.