Christmas Tree Lighting

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Interior design on Dec 6th, 2012

I will admit, I thought I had this technique down pat, and I still might as far as the impact of the lighting display goes. I will find out once I try this “pro-tested” technique.

Our tree turns out beautifully every year; however the light wires are always a challenge to remove and untangle without losing my patience, or my mind for that matter.

So what’s the trick to keep orderly wires and have a dramatic light display on your tree?

Work one section at a time by dividing the tree vertically into 3 sections. Weave each string of lights, beginning from the bottom and working your way up, and down again. Keep your string of lights as tight to the trunk as possible and slowly work your way out to the branch tips, continue this method on the remaining 2 sections of your tree.

Our tree went up yesterday and I’m thinking of taking it all down and re-doing the lighting using this technique, or maybe not!