Design Trends For 2012

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Interior design, Trends on Jan 26th, 2012
2012! Here’s a list of some of the trends we can look forward to for 2012. Keep in mind that you can infuse just a few of the ideas – you don’t have to get rid of all of your treasures and start again.“Live Your Life By Design”
Design Trends for 2012
FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES Last Year: DIY ProjectLast year was great for DIY projects. So many design shows and magazines showed off all kinds of DIY projects from wallpapering inside cabinets to painting old furniture.2012: Finer ImprovementsThis year its all about infusing fine pieces of new or reupholstered furniture, art work and colour. We’ll see the classic curvy full upholstered backs and arms making a ‘come back’.

Last Year: Grey’s
I rarely left the grey side of my paint decks last year. We were all doing cool tones Sicco Grey Drizzle or Sketch Paper, Benjaman Moore’s Paper White, Sterling.

2012: Orange

Grey tones will still be seen in 2012, however, bold large splashes of colour will be shown off on wall and full upholstered pieces, not just pillows.

I recently landed on Ingrid Fetell’s Blog/Website. The Aesthetics of Joy. Ingrid talks about JOY inhabiting that ineluctable space between wonder and pleasure, neighboring delight, but somehow more profound, an essential emotion that renews and uplifts the human psyche. Introducing those pops of colours that surprise and entice us is all in this year.
This year its all about being optimistic; happy colours and every shade of orange is topping the list for paint colours. From pale rust to tangerine Tango, this citrus colour is topping 2012’s list for painted walls. A colour of strength, courage, action and confidence.


Last Year: Geometrics
Stripes and geometrics were all the rage, a 70’s inspired come back.
2012: Large Floral
Flowers are back; they are bright and big and feel modern. Anywhere you can bring this fabric in it will make a big splash to your decor.

Classic designs as well, tartans, polka dots, herringbones and damasks.


Last Year: Low, deep & square
Low, deep and lounge-like was all the rage last year for sofas and chairs. Everything modern and contemporary. We found that many pieces looked great but hurt sitting in them.

2012: Curvy and rounded
Traditional style is making a return and curvy lined furniture is feeling most welcome after 2 decades of square-edged, hotel-inspired furnishings. Look for the classic camel-back shaped sofas and organic shaped side tables to round out your rooms.


Last Year: Crazy and busy patterns
From large-scale damask patterns to metallic and velvet-flocked geometric patterns, Wallpape has been making a huge come back over the last few years. Last year the young urbanites were marketed and introduced to wallpaper. We love it.

2012: Soft and subtle
We’re seeing softer tones and faded looking background colours in the wallpaper this year. Soft and subtle is most definitely the look this year.


Last Year: Natural linen
Belgium linen in natural beige/sand tones were being used for everything from upholstery, bedding and draperies.

2012: Linen leftovers
Don’t throw those linens out just have them dyed. We’ll be seeing much more colour in our bedding and covers.


Last Year: Brash brass
Nickel-plated door knob, kitchen handle and towel bar were everywhere then last year brass came back – I was shocked.
For some it border lined on garish and for others it was a scary blast from the 70’s.

2012: French gold

Now that’s more like it; a mixture of silver and gold makes French gold; a soft, warm tone that allows our eyes to adjust to the change from cool metal tones to warm. So Canadian isn’t it?