Endless Fascination with Interactive Art

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Interior design on Jun 4th, 2012

Have you lately stopped taking notice of your art? When hanging up artwork, at first there is endless admiration towards the piece. One feels like they can stare at it for hours. But as days go by it simply linger on your wall, filling in an empty surface but never changing and hardly evoking new feeling. Admittedly, from time to time we all need a bit of change, something that captures our attention.

Interactive art involves the spectator as part of the artwork. The purpose is to transform the original features into a new response. This can involve motion, physical touch, or natural elements such as wind, sound, smell and so forth.

Many artists use computer sensors or electronics to achieve high volumes of interaction. Some use broken shreds of mirror, although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’d like to endure seven years of bad luck! I never really believed this superstition until my good friend broke her cosmetic mirror and continued to use it. She’s been having bad luck in love ever since…I wonder how many years there’s left?

Anyways, here’s an inexpensive DIY project for achieving your own interactive art that changes throughout the day with light and motion. Get a canvas or board in any size or shape and several rolls of kitchen foiling paper from Dollarama. If you’re interested, specialty craft shops carry different colours of foiling paper. Use regular white paper glue or spray adhesive to attach the foiling paper to the canvas or board surface. Have fun with the foiling paper, crinkle it up, create different shapes, or simply spread it flat and within minutes you’ll have your own custom artwork. Not only will it keep changing and capturing your attention but it will also become a great conversation piece.

Bring out your inner artist and live your life by design!