How to Make Your Living Room More Luxurious

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Interior design on May 27th, 2015

Creating a luxurious living room isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. All it takes is a little design advice and the right materials to create a living room that will make you feel as though you are in a royal palace.

Luxurious Living Room

It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or over your budget, either. Think about the colour scheme and feel you would like to evoke in the room, and begin creating your luxurious living room based off of these themes.

Simple Ways to Bring Luxury to Your Living Room

  • Carefully consider the colour scheme of your living room. Use colours that make the room appear more luxurious such as whites, creams, and pops of rich jewel tones. These colours stand out and, when used wisely, create a stylish, yet comforting, space.
  • Put strong thought into the furniture you want to include, with the sofa is being the first thing you should select.

    Find a sofa that either draws the eye in, or one that can be dressed up with the help of pillows and accessories. After the sofa has been chosen, select about tables, shelving units, and other necessary pieces that all feed into the overall theme of your room. Elaborately engraved wooden framed mirrors and gold trimmed shelving units can be found inexpensively at second hand stores, or can even be made by the creatively charged with the help of DIY tutorials.

  • Use the space wisely. Make sure that you have arranged the furniture in an intimate and inviting manner. The furniture in the room should be strategically placed to make the room user friendly.
  • Pick out several eye catching pieces of décor. Beautiful lamps, plush rugs, stunning art pieces, books, and other accessories really add to the essence you are trying to create, especially when sitting against clean, bright walls.
  • Add lots of texture! Texture makes rooms appear more luxurious. In a living room, consider embroidery, unique pillows, plush rugs and textured surfaces.
  • Drapes that add drama and lavishness to the living room. Floor to ceiling drapes will also add depth to the room, making ceilings appear higher and the room itself to appear larger.
  • Add plants and greenery to the room. The rich jewel tones are a great natural way to add to your atmosphere.
  • Old chests, gold picture frames, candles and vintage pieces add to the room’s luxurious style.
  • Pattern and textiles are essential. Try not to match the patterns of the room up too much. Think outside of the box and mismatch the textiles on various surfaces or pieces of decor. If everything matches, the room becomes dull and the luxury will be diminished.