Colour Blocking is the hottest fashion trend for Spring 2012. Spring runways are more colourful than ever! It is not a new trend but is definitely coming back with a big bang. Whether inspired by graphic geometrics, floral prints, or watercolour fabrics, interiors can often be influenced by fashion trends.

Create the popular look by putting areas or blocks of solid colour next to each other. These colour harmonies can either be a combination of bright colours, muted colours, contrasting or complimentary colours. Have a look at the colour wheel as your guide and choose colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. Keeping your colour combinations in the same level of intensity is key – for example, pairing up a bright pink with a dull orange won’t achieve the colour block.

This could be intimidating to some. Start small with items that are not so ‘permanent’, such as bedding or vignettes. This is why I’m a big fan of white walls. A white canvas gives you the flexibility to change your looks completely with the season (or your mood) just by switching out your accessories. Once you are comfortable and confident with your creations, you can experiment with paint colours.

Colour Tip, stick to a maximum of three colors to avoid a ‘Rainbow Brite’ look.

Now, are you brave enough to Rock the Colour Block?