Keeping it Classic with Polka Dots!

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Design Tips, Interior design, Trends on Jun 18th, 2012

When thinking about pattern…strips and floral is the first to come to mind. Whatever happened to the polka dots? Interior design has a tendency to follow the fashion trends, but it’s tough to keep up with fashion changes 24/7, so interior designers tend to stick to the classics. So when did polka dots stop being classic? Is it because they remind us of chicken pox? Not the most pleasant experience. Or is it because it’s been overdone in kids clothing, toys and furniture?

I love looking back at fashion couture from years ago and polka dots where definitely hot in the 50s! The classic look was the black and white, a formal sophisticated pattern. This evolved into the fun 60s trend where colour dominated fashion and polka dots took on intense bright colours. Finally the polka dots transitioned into a play with scale no longer perfectly identical and grid like.

Spot the dots and see how it all comes together!

Most classy laundry room ever! I could spend hours in here and I hate doing laundry! This classy look is pulled together through the following element: crown molding, mosaic hexagon floor tile, traditional white subway back splash, Fornasetti inspired wallpaper (www.studiopazo.com), shaker style cabinets and white ceramic sink.

Polka dots with a modern twist! Clean and simple but a real show stopper. Notice how the circle motif is carried into the feet of the cabinet and simple light bulb pendants.

Mix the dots with another pattern. The circle is a perfect form, very geometric. Introducing an organic pattern creates a perfect balance between funky and sophisticated.

A petite pattern taken to the next level! It’s the small details that make a space special.