Love The Outdoors

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Interior design on May 16th, 2012

Finally the warm weather has arrived! It’s time to go through the storage and dig out those patio chairs and flower pots. I always love this time of year, because I get a chance to experiment with colours and transform my outdoor space into something new. Like in nature everything is harmoniously connected. Like with any interior space it is important to create a cohesive look through layering. Look around your backyard and start pulling colours out of the surroundings. Look closely, it’s amazing how many different tones exist in a single pebble.

My neighbour recently came by for some designer advice on outdoor furniture. After looking at her backyard, we found several warm gray tones that would be used in her seat cushions. Incorporating furniture in a light wood birch would go perfectly with warm gray tones. Keeping larger items in a neutral palette allows for flexibility with accessories. A fresh new look each year with a few simple changes without breaking the bank.

The outdoor space really becomes an extension of our homes. Bringing elements such as lighting and even introducing artwork completely transforms my garden. The fence is simply a different type of wall. A recent DIY project of mine was a wire sculpture in the shape of a circle that I ended up hanging on my fence. It became a real focal point in my outdoor lounging area. Next step is finding that punch of colour that becomes the perfect accent. I think I’m in the mood for pink and yellow…can’t wait to go shopping!