Nautical-Themed Interior Design Inspiration

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Interior design on Mar 13th, 2017

Whether you are looking for some kitchen decorating ideas or you are decorating a bedroom, the nautical theme is a classic. Then again, who would ever tire of the ocean? If you are looking for some nautical themed interior design inspiration, here are some ideas.

Nautical Interior Design Inspiration

  • Sea Glass Bathroom Tile

    When it comes to nautical bathroom interior decoration, one absolutely stunning addition is blue sea glass tile around the edges of your bathroom. Its ethereal feel gives the sense that you are surrounded by the ocean water, perfect for a relaxing night spent in the tub! A second option for bathroom interior decoration when going for the nautical theme is to go with bead board, which offers a beach type of feel to your bathroom.

  • Clear Blue Backsplash

    One nautical kitchen decorating idea is to add a clear blue backsplash to the kitchen, even one that takes up an entire wall. An alternative is to choose a texture that mimics the ocean.

  • Coordinate Classic Nautical Colours/Bohemian Stripes

    You can coordinate nautical-themed colours – blue and white – in any room in the home, from the bedroom to the living room. One example is investing in blue fabric for your couch and adding white pillows. In your bedroom, you could do blue and white pillows and add in a blue throw. The possibilities are endless. Bohemian stripes also make for a great nautical-themed fabric, whether for window treatments or rugs.

  • Warm Wood

    Warm wood mimics the base of a ship. Consider pairing wood walls with a bold blue rug in a living room.

  • Mounted Sailing Maps

    Blue sailing/hemisphere maps can be added as wallpaper to stairwells for a pop of the nautical theme in an unexpected place. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to fill up an entire wall with a mounted map, whether for decorating a bedroom or your living room.

  • Collect Decorations: A Lifesaver, A Starfish

    Collect nautical-themed decorations. The starfish is definitely a classic and adds a touch of the ocean to any room, but particular bedrooms. A blue-and-white lifesaver makes a great bathroom interior decoration option, but another idea could be something like a small wooden sailboat you picked up along your travels.

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