Picton Farm House

Posted by Peter Brooks in Interior design, Vacation on Sep 20th, 2011

Friends with benefits.

Much of our travels include fantastic invitations to friend’s vacations homes.  One of my very best friends Maria and Glen Jenkins have an absolutely spectacular ‘farm house’ in Prince Edward County.  About 8 years ago Maria and her daughter Carolyn went on a scouting mission to find the perfect summer home.   They found it! 

Just minutes to downtown Picton, the property is surrounded by farm fields and has two fabulous old barns and a smallish house that the previous couple had added two small extensions onto.

Maria is one of the most talented and industrious people I know.  In no time the farm house was transformed and filled with unbelievable treasures.  I’m not sure if I would call Maria a collector only because that term seems too narrow in her case, however, she does collect beautiful objects.  Many she finds at antique shops, auctions, yard sales and good will.  Maria also has some beautiful pieces from supporting local Toronto and Picton artists not to mention treasures from around the world from her travels.

After settling in for a few years she felt she wanted to make some vast changes to the farm house and the property. The main renovations took just over a year.  Keeping most of the existing farm house she extended the house out and up!  Every angle and every detail was incredibly well thought out.  Every room has incredible views.

Maria was very hands on throughout the renovation/design process.  She sourced out material and was sure to have them on site, stayed on top of quality control, she lifted and dragged, dug holes and pretty much painted the entire interior herself

- Glen helped :)

When the farm house was ready to put back together, each room was carefully thought out and beautifully furnished.  I would call the style ‘Clean Country, Comfortable and Functionally Eclectic.’

Maria has been taking an upholstery course for a few years now so some of her pieces are truly hers, she’s made her own drapery, pillows, painted furniture, framed art work and hung lights.  If that wasn’t enough her gardens, and she has many, are absolutely beautiful.  Each one well thought out for their views from inside the farm house and outside as you walk the property. 

I have taken many, many photo’s at the farm house, each time I tell myself I’m going to ‘blog’ about each inspiration – even her pantry, you should see it. She has decorated it beautifully and if you happen to forget to close the pantry door behind you, it won’t matter – it’s just another corner of treasures to entertain the eye.

Maria and Glen are amazing hosts.  Glen will beat me at a round of golf then we’re back for a walk around the farm with drinks in hand, where Maria is usually preparing a fabulous dinner with fresh local ingrediants – yet another one of Maria’s talents. 

And the cherry on top of this cake is a perfect night’s sleep in our fabulous guest room on the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept.  She insists that you choose a pillow that you’re most comfortable with.  You lay down on sheets that have been hand ironed, who irons sheets anymore?

I could do a series of blogs on the farm house.  I just may.

Maria and Glen offer their home for rent for vacationers who want to experience the county in style, have a look at some of the photos and amenities on line. See you in the County!