The Passion of Design

Posted by Peter Brooks in Design Tips, Inspiration, Interior design on Sep 7th, 2014

We’ve all heard the term ‘Passionate about design’. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from fresh Interior design degree graduates looking to join an exciting Interior Design firm. Almost each applicant begins by letting me know how passionate they are about interior design. I’m not here to suggest that they are not in any way not passionate; however, I’m curious about why passion and design are so synonymous.

I passionately believe that our surroundings have such an enormous effect on how we FEEL and how we feel influences how we live. Designing ‘living spaces’ begins with discovering what we want to feel from the space; energized, relaxed, organized, spiritual, cozy, peaceful, passionate, collaborative, creative, serious…

I was invited to speak years ago at the Barbara Frum library. I decided to go and speak relatively unrehearsed and unprepared; I wanted to talk about the process of Interior design from concept to completion and the steps we take to get our projects completed on time and on budget. I had no idea if there would be 10 people attending or 150. It was mid-winter and the snow was flying. I arrived and sure enough there were about 12 people and many empty seats I think most were there to simply get out of the cold and interior design was really not  particularly high on their list of life’s concerns.

I decided to change my talk and speak to my own passion for design and the affects that design has on all of us. At one point I asked all 12 audience members to indulge me and close their eyes and imagine themselves at home in their favorite spot. I then asked them to imagine a lit candle beside a small vase of flowers then take a moment to reflect on how this makes them ‘feel’. That’s design.

Take a moment right now and simply look around you. How does where you are make you feel? If it’s not putting you in the right ‘feeling space’ that you want or think you should be in, call me, we can help J

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