Interior design can be divided and subdivided into various categories, focuses, and specializations. The biggest and most obvious distinction is between residential and commercial interior design.

The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Interior Design

Residential interior design projects could range from designing the interiors of a house to be built, designing the interiors of a new house or redesigning the interiors of an older home or building while commercial interior design jobs include commercial buildings like banks, offices, malls, schools, churches, and hospitals. Commercial design categories are far-reaching.

Ascertaining needs

The needs of the client and the factors the interior designer has to take into account can differ, depending on whether the building is residential or commercial. Clients are individuals or families for residential design, and the designer has to take into account the client’s personal needs and desires while designing living spaces.

Designers who usually work in homes may specialize in a particular area of residential design like kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, custom furniture and home appliance design. Most people want their homes to be reflective of their own personal tastes and expressions of personal uniqueness.

The difference between the two areas is in vocabulary. For instance, an interior designer working on commercial buildings might use the word “programming” to describe interviewing clients to determine their needs. This same could be described by a residential interior designer as a “needs assessment” or simply “interviewing the client.”

Functionality and brand image

The client is usually an organization in a commercial building. The designer has to make sure the building is functional reflecting the company’s image and brand. If creating a new hotel or restaurant for example, the design must get the company noticed. A buzz must be created. Everywhere we go is created and presented according to a design plan.

Designers in both commercial and residential design, fashion and plan more appealing and productive spaces ensuring they follow all safety regulations.

The professional interior designers at Bedford Brooks, we work with both residential and commercial clients.

We understand busy schedules. Our “client focused” commitment ensures a collaborative process honouring budgets and deadlines as it delivers effective design solutions as inspiring as they are beautiful.

What really counts is the value our professional design team brings to making all spaces – whether residential or commercial – safe, comfortable, attractive and functional for all people, wherever they dwell or work.