7 Ways To Repurpose Kitchen Items For Garden Decoration

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Renovations on Mar 6th, 2017

Repurposing household items to use for the purpose of decorating your garden is a great way to make the world a little greener while also adding a touch of uniqueness or eclecticism to your backyard. Virtually any kitchen item could be repurposed, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Alternatively, don’t be afraid of decorating kitchen spaces with garden items!

Repurposing Kitchen Items For Garden Decoration

  1. Plates and Bowls

    Oversized plates and bowls can not only complement your garden but can also serve a more practical purpose as well. Some examples include birdbaths and garden edging. You could also use plates or bowls in a more decorative way by hanging a few of them, a great option for those who enjoy the vintage look, or by transforming them into garden edge mushrooms.

  2. Teapots

    Teapots add a very elegant yet whimsical touch to just about any area, including your garden. Use an old teapot as a bird feeder by moving it into a pouring position and adding a chain to its handle. They also make for a very beautiful planter option.

  3. Muffin Tins

    Muffin tins also make great planters, and succulents look particularly great in them.

  4. Colanders

    Colanders can be used in very eclectic ways when it comes to your garden, from wind chimes to mini fairy gardens. You could also repurpose them into planters, along with virtually every other kitchen item.

  5. Pots and Pans

    When it comes to repurposing pots and pans for your gardens, the options are endless. Take a pan, hang it with the handle facing toward the ground and add a clock face template to it for a very whimsical option. You could also turn a pot into a birdhouse by drilling a hole into the bottom of the pan and then mounting the pot, face down, to a wall. Make a “roof” for your birdhouse by using pieces of wood.

  6. Forks and Spoons

    Forks and spoons make great decorations in gardens and make for a particularly unique garden. You could use forks or spoons to make wind chimes, or you could transform them into flower art with a little creativity. Another option is to use spoons as garden markers.

  7. Cheese Graters

    This kitchen item doesn’t require any crafty ability on your part – simply take an old cheese grater and stick a tea light under it to transform it into a unique lantern option.

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