Decorating Small Kitchens

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Renovations on Apr 14th, 2015

Small kitchens aren’t always easy to work with. Without an adequate amount of space, it can be hard to have a fully functional kitchen. However, by applying a few tips and using strategic designs, you’ll achieve a fully functional and stylish kitchen regardless of its smaller size.

Decorating Small Kitchens

With creative layouts and carefully thought out storage solutions, you’ll have a kitchen you can enjoy instead of avoid!

Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Small Kitchen

Everything from the appliances to the decorative pieces will make a difference in smaller kitchens. With the minimal amount of space, you will need to think wisely. Smaller appliances and smaller designs will help you prevent your kitchen from becoming cluttered and unappealing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re designing for a small space:

  • Select decorative pieces that can also act as storage, or that serve a purpose to the kitchen’s function. For instance, vases with herbs or other edibles can act as décor near the windowsill, and above-counter wine boxes or crates can be used to store unused Tupperware or seasonal dishes.
  • Select a vibrant or attractive backsplash. An eye-catching backsplash will draw the eye past the cabinets, creating more depth to the area.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour! The colours should pop and create a vibrant, happy and peaceful atmosphere. You can either paint the walls a light and bright airy colour, or keep the walls white and use pops of colour throughout the accessories and appliances.
  • Choose bold linens and textiles. Audacious prints will cheer up any drab kitchen, and will help create a distraction from its small size.
  • Maximize the space. Use every inch of the kitchen efficiently. Wall shelves, closet space, an island, and other forms of storage will provide you with more space to harbor your kitchen utensils, food and appliances.
  • Find incredible lighting to add overhead. Light fixtures add detail and extra excitement to your kitchen and will eliminate shadows throughout the area, adding to a larger overall appearance.
  • Remove cupboard doors and organize your kitchenware to act as a visual addition. This adds detail and makes the overall function of the kitchen easier, but most importantly it doesn’t make the kitchen look as though it ends at the cupboard doors. Much like adding backsplash, the eye is drawn further than the outside of the cabinets, making the room seem larger and more open.
  • Use the wall space! Add shelving units, hangers and other storage options on the walls. Even add a chalk or corkboard to the wall. This will help you stay organized and to utilize the space better.
  • Use different textures and patterns. By creating various eye-catching details, you will forget how small the space is, as your focus is automatically drawn to what stands out.

Whether you’re working with a new home or a kitchen you’ve simply gotten sick of, there are options available to help you create a more spacious atmosphere to your cooking area!