The Shoemaker without Shoes

Posted by Peter Brooks in Renovations on Apr 28th, 2009

I’ve personally gone through many renovations and certainly have project planned and designed countless renovations for my clients. Being recently separated I was in the market for a new home. It was a summer afternoon and I was working on a home makeover for a real estate agent friend of mine when I told her my personal story and how I was temporarily renting an apartment and would love to find a small house for myself.

Before I knew it I was speeding behind her little BMW off to look at what she thought would be perfect.  It was perfect! A solid, little brick bungalow with an incredibly mature private back yard and a beautiful cherry tree in the front. The home had only one owner, Mr. Jones who closed on his brand new home in March 1958 which just happens to be my birthday (stop doing the math). To make this long story short it was perfect but nothing much had been changed since Mr. Jones had bought it.

I’ve torn out walls, put in new hardwood flooring and a new kitchen.  I still have crown molding to put up, fireplace to install and a bathroom to finish, then the basement and then the hot tub!

I’m sure you’ve all done that math, meaning I don’t really want to spend the next ten years on this renovation. On the other hand I don’t want to rush and buy fixtures and tiles etc. only because they fit my budget. If you take your time there are all kinds of deals to be found, it could be that light fixture or that sink that you’re not quite ready for, in fact I have two great globe pendant light fixtures in my basement just waiting to be hung.

Everyone handles renovations differently and knowing how you might handle it will help when you’re preplanning. If you’re the type that has a really low threshold for that kind of pain then you should preplan, organize and move out during the renovation.

Renovations are not easy. It is dusty, disruptive, expensive and time consuming.  All that said, the rewards are amazing and believe it or not well worth the pain and in fact the pain is forgotten quickly. Know your threshold and preplan your next renovation around that.

P.S. I think my next blog will be all about ‘preplanning a renovation’.