Living Room Trends for 2015: Abstraction and Colour

Posted by BedfordBrooks in Trends on Nov 26th, 2014

Across the fashion and interior design worlds, abstract geometric patterns are back. Where some people are still vying for the rustic feel, the modern crowd is giving way to angular and chic.

Living Room

Traditional geometric standbys, like loosely organized or blurred lines, are being modernized with a bold new colour palette inspired by European runways.

Loose and Hazy Lines

In 2014, contemporary living rules were all about clean straight lines, with visual interest provided by different materials or textures. Now, textures are on their way out. Wood is still present, but is most often painted over to have a more muted effect on the room.

Visual interest is instead coming from playful patterns in the lines themselves. Trend forecasters are seeing a big year for unusually curved furniture that disrupts the lines of windows and curtains, but we’re also likely to see a lot of diagonal lines in wall painting schemes, light fixture placement, and chicly angled floor lamps.

For hazy lines, it’s all about the floor. Moroccan-inspired rugs, with their strong-but-bent lines, will be a must-have. High-pile and shag carpets are coming back as well, but only as small pieces that accentuate the room, rather than whole-floor coverings.

Bold New Colours

The living rooms of 2015 will continue to use bold splashes of color to offset the whites, blacks, and greys of the walls and curtains. Common touches of color include furniture, cushions, rugs, and photographs.

Where 2015 will be different is in the choice of colors: new and striking colours from the fashion world are making their way into interior design.

In 2015, expect to see a lot more deep ochre yellows, cobalt blues, and mahoganies. These colors, so different from pastels or primaries, make a home unique and memorable. While invoking an unusual, almost Victorian, sense of class in an otherwise contemporary room.

Finishing Touches

The final touch for 2015 living rooms will be wall decorations, but don’t expect to see paintings as the focus of walls next year.

Prints and photos will be overtaking as go-to pieces, but decorators will have to be careful about using too much colour so as not to distract from the furniture highlights. IT’s likely that the most common choices will be simple photographs with few lines, or black-and-white geometric patterns.

The unusual lines will give 2015 living rooms a crisp and clean look, while the hazy-lined rugs and boldly coloured furnishings will give them warmth and uniqueness.