To Greece and back….

Posted by Peter Brooks in Vacation on Sep 19th, 2011

I’ve been back to work for almost three weeks now. The summer has faded behind us and I can almost smell fall in the air. We had a fabulous summer vacation this year in Greece, an island called Lesvos across from Athens and just a stone’s throw to Turkey.

I love Greece!  I love the old world architecture, the beautiful blues and whites of Greece.  Most of all I love the ‘life style’ and how their surroundings reflect that. 

Walkways and driveways were made of cobbled stones, steps in the interior and exterior of homes were Marble and the churches were breathtaking to look at with marble floors and incredible wood carvings throughout. It was often that you would see small water taps with beautiful stone facades in your travels (as often you would see Starbucks here in TO) where you could stop for a drink or even wash up. The Greeks take such pride in keeping their courtyards swept clean and blooming with flowers, even those who are widowed and who’s homes built of stone are beginning to ‘crumble’.  Every morning they take the time to sweep and hose down their flower filled courtyards and keep them looking lush and clean. 

I was humbled most by the locals who took the time to say good morning & good nigh to each other and ask you how your day was  – even myself and I don’t speak the language!  Coffees aren’t for take-out, they are meant to be shared with conversation or a good read. Dinner was whenever you were hungry, even on weeknights the locals gathered at the main square just shy of midnight to enjoy an ouzo and mezes – plates of appetizers offered of what’s local and fresh that day – with family and friends.

Along with my memories, I’ve taken a few treasures home with me that include some great family photos for the family wall and lots of ideas for the garden.